Glen Cafe    Nelson, New Zealand

Handmade Burgers, Wood-Fired Pizza, Snapper & Fries, Horse Rides and Trekking

Thank you for being a part of our Journey.

Wood fire pizza oven - it's 3 metres high, 1.9 metres across and possibly the biggest lump of cooking dirt in NZ, along with it our ideas and concept keep growing.

Our Wood fired Pizza, Nelson New Zealand are some of the best you will try.

We're Eco-Conscious & Environmentally-Friendly People

We do our best each day to use as little as possible non-compostable materials. Our Cafe foods are served in paper and cardboard, the cutlery is made from potato starch. (so, if you really want to, you could eat the forks!) Most of the cooking energy is natural gas and our pizza oven heats super well with sustainable and fast-growing wood. Our water is 100% fresh, triple filtered clean Glen Gully creek water.

Gratefulness is always acknowledged:

A massive thank you to Dad and his wife Alex for financially supporting the 'Cafe Dream'.  Their assistance is every day appreciated.

And to my Mum, who is always at the end of the phone and emails, contributing with keeping it 'real', fresh and giving our customers that special 'little-bit-of-country' experience.

What a journey; my childhood growing up on the farm with my grandparents, experiencing different lifestyles in Australia & Dubai and now back residing on this special place I love to call home and creating that 'something special' that I believe would have made my grandparents proud. For children, for mums, dads, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers and grandparents - enjoy your time removed from the outside world, switch off, exhale, be in the now and simply enjoy that 'little-bit-country' right here on your doorstep at the place we all call home - The Glen.

Fresh handmade burgers.  Animal petting,. Country food. Gluten free options. Horse rides. Wood-fired pizza.

Best wishes, happy dining and thank you from us.